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Hello there! I'm Mitssuki and welcome to my tumbrl ♥

♥ You can check out my other +18 tumblr: ♥

★Here you'll find a lot of my doodles and stuff XD
★ And drawing tutorials too ♥
★Because I love to draw comics and manga *3*
★Also I like yaoi and hetalia (spamano)...



you really shouldn’t have

happy birthday to aoba, sei, and ren!!

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Hehehehe♥♥♥♥ this is so cute *///* thank you!!

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Am I one of your 10 favourite followers?

Thank you sweetheart *3*


1- I’m spaniard.

2- My hair is brown, my eyes green and my skin white as paper XD

3-If one day I decide to not brush my hair, my head looks like a bird’s nest.

4- I like to draw yaoi♥

5- I have a cat named Elora. I love cats, I love every kind of cat, I just want to hug all them, but I can’t hug every cat…

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I want to draw… I want to draw NOW!!!! but I can’t, so I complain orz

Dios llévame pronto!!! ;___;

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My absolute favourite cat ever. This is a manul, or pallas cat. Found in the Afghan mountains, they’re one of the oldest pure-blood cousins of our own goggies.


they look like fat balls of rage

Just gonna leave this here


That last picture looks so much like how I imagined the Cheshire cat. I didn’t know that expression was possible on a real cat.  Whoa.

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I shouldn’t be inking…
I noticed tumblr is where I upload all the wip XDD

I shouldn’t be inking…

I noticed tumblr is where I upload all the wip XDD

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